Getting slowly ready

Hi, it is Steffen. We have one-way tickets to Taiwan for beginning of November and had the idea to take a ferry to Hong Kong once we have enough of Taiwan. But Hong Kong is currently not the place to go on a bike, so we might choose Plan B, the one we do not have yet. Anyhow, once again we have fallen into the trap to believe that we own all time of the world for preparation. And now, five weeks to go we are still waiting for Max's German Passport, we still have no idea what to do with our house and  it seems that whole Australia has no rabies vaccine available. But we are not panicking, yet. We are very excited but very calm about this trip. And we are blissfully out of shape. We is Ellie and me, because Max is fine. However, we are not sooo out of shape that we do not take the advantage of the first spring days with warmer, longer days for a great ride up the Grampians after work.

Beside of this, I have finally convinced Max to change his 27.5" wheels to a more touring friendly 26" and he likes it, because you can jump better, wheelie easier and skidd much longer. I am not really sure about that assessment for the suitability of a touring bike, but I take it for now.

So long, there is much to do. 

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