Hi I am Steffen


I like riding bicycle.



This is my bike. It is fast, modern and comes in a very fashionable teal-colour. So, pretty much the opposite of me. It is a 2019 Kona Sutra. There are so many options nowadays when it comes to touring bikes and most have pros and cons. 28” wheels or 26”? - I like 28”, but the world rides on 26”, hence you get easier spares. Steel or aluminium? - Who cares? Rohloff speed hub or good old derailleur – I get the Rohloff hype, but for me they just feel clumsy and heavy. Through axles or quick release? – Geez, I could not care less. Important for me is that I like the bike, that it feels good and that it is the right size.

And I love my bike and it fits me perfectly