Everybody knows, New Zealand is the best country of the world, period!


We finally made it there in 2016 for a holiday of complete and utter bliss. We loved every moment. It rained, we loved it. The sun was shining, we loved it. North Island, loved it. South Island, loved it. And so on. We rode our bikes nearly every day, mainly on day trips, with a couple of overnighters. You can ride the Heaphy track with your MTB, during off season, and the Ghost trail is maybe the best ever long-distance MTB trail, ever! But we also enjoyed the weird rarely used trails in the wilderness, freezing cold, with horizontal sleet blowing into our faces. Such wild places, and when you can wash all the dirt and the cold off in a naturally hot creek with the name “kerosene creek” you know you have reached some kind of Nirvana.



When we grow up, we want to move to New Zealand