Gentle voyaging


For the faithful blog-reader who expect some excitements, dead bodies or snake bikes…. sorry we have nothing to report. Things are simply sweet and smooth since we have crossed the border to Thailand. The kind of dramas we can offer is: two burst innertubes and Ellie’s near mental breakdown when she realised that you are not allowed to buy alcohol before 5pm in the convenience stores.


The crossing into Thailand was easy as, beside of the fact that I had lost my voice somehow and was speaking like a tortured frog for a few days. Considering coronavirus, the Thai border people checked our temperature and travel history and that was it. Once over the border, everything changed. The road was smooth, with a ridable shoulder, there was no rubbish around anymore and most importantly car drivers treat us like we actually exist. I am still suspicious and alert, when I see a car getting close, but everybody follows the road rules and that is great. I feel, we are not really fair to the nice people in Cambodia, but bike riding in Thailand is just much better. In fact, it is real fun again. We are making real progress on our way to Bangkok and it is flat, and riding feels effortless.  Three good days brought as to Chanthaburi, with a great and unexpected stop in a National park with cool and refreshing waterfalls. The water was full of these toothless carps, that “bite” the dead skin of you. It is a bit creepy and they are hundreds. In any case, very refreshing.


Chanthaburi was a real surprise, one of these cool places you discover by chance. We wanted a day rest, do some bicycle mending and at the end stayed for three nights. A very nice old part of town, very arty, great food (Food is anyhow so fantastic here) and a very chilled atmosphere.  


People have so far been overwhelmingly friendly, we did not have to pay for drinks because a café-owner thought we are cool, the bikeshop-dude serviced my and Max’s bike for free and everybody has a smile for us.


Any now, we are riding along the coast, having a swim here and there and enjoying Thailand thoroughly.


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    Mama (Thursday, 06 February 2020 05:03)

    Ich. bin ja sehr beruhigt, dass ihr anscheinend jetzt eine schöne, nicht so abenteuerliche Zeit vor euch habt - sieht alles sehr schön aus,würde gerne mit Max meine Füße � ins Wasser stellen! Viel Spaß weiter!

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    Toby (Saturday, 08 February 2020 10:22)

    Love the blog, but its easier to read when you are eating dust and having a tougher time. This is all too nice, and I just want to get on my bike! Keep travelling well.